The first circle of MARUSYA QUEST: from Phuket to Phuket

Thailand – Laos – Vietnam – Cambodia – Thailand

“Miracles happen to those
who believe in them”
Bernard Berenson


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Hello! My name is Marusya. It is a traditional Russian name, like Mary and Maria the same. I started travelling alone on 1st Dec 2016 with only my backpack and tent. I wanted to visit 5 Asian countries for 4 months until April 2017 and had for that only $1000 US.

с рюкзаком море_

I traveled from Crimea to Moscow and bought transit flight from Moscow to Phuket Island in Thailand through Chengdu. I didn’t know this Chinese city before. When I arrived to Chengdu I met Andrew. He was the only other passenger who had the same transit ticket from Moscow to Phuket. May be it was destiny. I didn’t know that then, but I thought: “Nothing happens by chance”.

So we met and decided to explore the Chinese city Chengdu together. Andrew had a map of the city and I had my Chinese plan. I asked stewardess before what I could see interesting in Chengdu and she wrote me 5 hieroglyphs. It was my Chinese plan. Well, we had 15 hours before the next flight to Phuket and we were able to see three out of five of these points and to understand what the stewardess had written about. It was really a life-changing experience.

Маруся Квест

After that we had a long journey together. During the next 65 days we went more than 20 000 km and visited south and north Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and back to Thailand to Phuket Island. It was our first little circle of Marusya Quest project—from Phuket to Phuket.

Маруся Квест Таиланд

We separated just one time.

It happened in Laos, when Andrew ran out of money. He had planned to go to Malaysia, but he missed his flight to Kuala-Lumpur and went with me to north Asia.

So when all of his money was gone, he decided to separate from me. He needed to decide what to do:  maybe he had to go back to Russia. But I think it was destiny. Miracles happened. He met one Chinese man, who had made a business trip to Laos and was going back to China. I don’t know how they understood each other, because Andrew didn’t know English, but they had good communication anyway, and the man understood Andrew. He liked the story about his life and his travels. They had dinner together and afterward the man gave Andrew all his Laos money. It was about $350 US. He was a rich man and very kind.

Маруся Квест Лаос Камбоджа Вьетнам Таиланд

It was the first miracle. The second miracle happened 30 minutes later, when he met two Russian businessmen. They had a good conversation and enjoyed time together. After that they said “good bye” and left. But a few minutes later one of them came back. He gave Andrew $100 US and said: “Good luck guy!”

Of course Andrew was very impressed about that. He saw how his dream could become true. And he was very happy, because he could continue travelling with me. Well I didn’t know any of this was happening. I was in north Vietnam, in Sa Pa, and planed go to Hanoi. Andrew knew about my plan, but didn’t know when I would go to Hanoi. We had no connection, because Andrew had no local phone number and Internet.


So he bought a ticket on a bus and went to Hanoi. He arrived from Laos to Hanoi in the evening. I came from Sa Pa to Hanoi that same night. Next morning he walked near Hoan Kiem Lake and thought about me. He wanted to see me and imagined how we could meet here near the lake. Time passed and I did not appear. Andrew left the lake and went to the St. Joseph Cathedral Church, where he thanked God for His blessings and prayed to see me .

Do you know what Hanoi is like? It is very crowded. Seven million people live there… there are thousands of cars and motorbikes everywhere. It is impossible to meet each other anywhere in Hanoi without a mobile connection or preliminary agreement. But… It happened!


At that time, I was staying in a hostel and I had breakfast there. I decided to walk around the center of the town after breakfast. I didn’t know where Andrew was or what had happened with him, but my hostel was not far from Hoam Kiem Lake, so I walked around the lake, then I walked about 2 hours in the downtown area and went back to the lake.

I heard a familiar voice. Impossible! It was Andrew. He saw me from afar and ran toward me. We couldn’t believe our good luck. That was the third miracle.

We decided to continue travelling together.

together in hanoi

We had amazing experiences and many adventures. We hitch-hiked and couch-surfed, stayed in our tent and in local homes; we spent a few nights under the open sky. Occasionally, we stayed in hotels and guesthouses. We found more than 45 friends from 19 countries of the world.

We saw the religion and culture of Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and Christians, and even attended the wedding of a Mormon couple; we lived with Buddhist monks in the Temple of Mother Earth in Chonburi.

We saw the most beautiful places of Asia: the majestic Angkor Wat in Cambodia, famous Phi Phi islands, the misty Mekong River and mountains in Laos, the largest cascading waterfall in the jungle near Luang Prabang. In north Vietnam, we saw  the mountain-side city of Sa Pa under an umbrella of clouds; the pearl-making island of Phu Quoc; the amazing archipelago in Halong Bay; the ancient stupas and the magic Buddha tree in Ayutthaya Thailand; the golden city of Chiang Mai, and the incredible White Temple in Chiang Rai…

It was only the beginning!

chiang rai golden

The second circle of MARUSYA QUEST: from China to China

After the first circle of MARUSYA QUEST, we had time for rest and relaxation with our friends at the hotel in Phuket Island. We move on now to the south of Thailand and…

Malaysia – Singapore – Indonesia – Philippines and China again.

We started our great journey through South-East Asia in the Chinese city of Chengdu and plan to complete this circle also in China, in Beijing, where we will have 72 hours using a transit visa. It will be the second wave of the Marusya Quest project.

And then…


The third circle of MARUSYA QUEST: from Crimea to Crimea

We will fly from Beijing in China to Vladivostok in the east of Russia at the end of March 2017, and then we plan to go across RUSSIA: Baikal, Altai, Siberia, Ural… We will pass from the east to the west of Russia and return to Crimea at the end of April 2017.

This will be the final part and the biggest circle of  Marusya Quest project:

Crimea (Russia) — Moscow (Russia) — China — Asian countries — China — Vladivostok, Moscow, St.Petersburg and Crimea (Russia)

We do not just want to be sightseeing. We want to meet people personally to share our experiences and to show them that anything is possible. YOUR DREAMS CAN BECOME TRUE!

If you really want something and are ready to take a first step, we can show you how to continue. We have. We are not unique. If we could do it, you can.

We will be happy to show you another way.

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Маруся Квест

See you 😉

Mary Sokolova

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